Cutting-edge Beverage Carbonation Solution - SubCarb

Molecular Processing solutions (MPS LLC) redefines the very concept of beverage carbonation by the the revolutionary patented technology and SubCarb apparatus of water and soft-drinks carbonation at the molecular level.  

The company is setting the new industry standard for the efficiency and effectiveness of soft-drinks carbonation offering unmatchable energy and quality benefits. 

MPS offers only customized, reliable, and value-for-money solutions with superb lead times and excellent ROI which vary from 3 months to 2 years.

SubCarb Beverage Carbonation Technology

Technology Core

The SubCarb invention is designed to achieve the greatest degree of turbulence at the supersonic speed of sound and the lowest physically feasible pressure drop  at the same time . 

The main goal is to achieve the effect of “cold boiling” (boiling without heating) when the liquid changes its aggregate state to vapor for a fraction of time and then immediately “condenses” at ambient temperature. 

CO2 absorption is significantly improved when vapor is mixed with CO2 gas. 

Industrial Beverage Carbonation at Ambient Temperature

Energy Savings

There is not much the carbonated beverage manufacturer can do to improve the efficiency of of CO2 dissolution in beverages. One can increase partial pressure or apply cooling. These actions are costly and impact a company's financial bottom-line. 

Another way to improve dissolution of CO2 is to increase the surface of mass transfer between the mixed ingredients. 

Carbon dioxide bounding at the molecular level allows obtaining the required level of well-bounded CO2 at high and ultra-high temperatures up to 75°F (+24°C). 

Carbonated Beverages Quality

Quality Enhacement

It is important to ensure that the carbonated beverage stays actually carbonated after the bottle is opened many times. 

SubCarb technology offers unmatchable residual carbon dioxide concentration and stability of CO2 dissolved.

Global Operations

Our qualified team consists of mathematicians, physicist, CAD designers, ANSYS-simulation engineers, PLC engineers, and certified technicians. This enables us to serve customers in all parts of the world by combining the worldwide experience and expertise that we reliably bring to your beverage manufacturing facility.

Systematic approach

The systematic approach is at the core of our business. We understand that the processing solution must be developed by taking into account the perspective of the whole production process. This helps eliminates associated risks during the execution of the projects. 

Win-win cooperation

We always focus on providing customers with advanced processing systems and innovations designed with one thing in mind: to ensure you reach your business goals quickly and sustainably. 

SubCarb beverage carbonation technology offers the following benefits: